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Over the past ten years, OM Products has been providing the market with reliable and advanced products to ensure that customers receive the best quality in technology. We provide water dispensers, bubble top water dispensers, vending machines, and stainless-steel water coolers as a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. The water dispensers’ important attributes are maximum heating and cooling capacity, effective operation, low power consumption, and long service life. Our product line has been developed and built to give excellent performance while being very user-friendly. Because of this, both the business and home sectors have a high demand for the products.

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Water Dispensers

Our water dispensers and vending machines are designed to instantly deliver hot and cold water that is free of germs. Water dispenser manufacturers provide water dispensers at very high prices, but we manufacture and supply vending machines and water dispensers at affordable prices. Om Products is one of the best water dispenser manufacturers in India. The exterior of these electric water dispensers is constructed from rust-resistant stainless steel or crack-resistant ABS material, ensuring the durability of the products. These water dispensers and vending machines include a carefully engineered heating element, an energy-efficient compressor, and separate hot and cold tanks with the ability to change the temperature. Our hot and cold water dispensers and vending machines are protected against over-current by the automatic thermostat technology they use. To prevent electric shock, these dispensers are designed and made using cold-rolled lateral plates.

Tea and Coffee Vending Machines

Manufacturer of Tea and Coffee Vending machines

Tea and Coffee Vending machines are popular in commercial places like offices and retail centers because they quickly offer energizing beverages that are fresh and flavorful. A 20-liter vending machines serves as the water source for this 25 kg tea and coffee vending machines, which can make 4-6 cups of beverage each minute. It features two canisters and has a 2.2 kW load capacity. We have been manufacturing, exporting, and distributing premium tea and coffee vending machines [2 OPTION (HOT)]. Tea and coffee are among the beverages that can be dispensed using the equipment that is offered…

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Stainless Steel Water Coolers

This SS water cooler has an 80-liter storage capacity and two tap options. It is offered under the Shivalik and OYI GEN brands. R134A serves as the refrigerant in it. MoQ is 10. Our excellent quality Stainless Steel Water Coolers, which are utilized in hospitals, train stations, schools, offices, and colleges, are what give us our reputation in the market. Under the supervision of our skilled specialists, the supplied coolers are carefully made at our cutting-edge manufacturing facility using top-notch stainless steel and modern technology. Additionally, a number of quality characteristics are systematically verified on these coolers. These Stainless Steel Water Coolers are widely accessible to our consumers at affordable prices.






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