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Precis of OM Products

Over the past ten years, OM Products has been providing the market with reliable and advanced products to ensure that customers receive the best in technology. We provide water dispensers, vending machines, and stainless steel water coolers as a manufacturer, suppliers, and exporters. The Water Dispensers’ important attributes are maximum heating and cooling capacity, effective operation, low power consumption, and prolonged service life. Our product line is extremely user-friendly and has been designed to provide exceptional performance. Because of this, both the business and home sectors have a high demand for the products given.

Our Products Brand Names
Water Dispensers SHIVALIK
Stainless Steel Water Coolers SHIVALIK
Tea, Coffee Vending Machines Cafe-24

Vending Solutions - OM Products

Water Dispensers

Compact Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold)

Jumbo Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold)

Mega Water Dispensers

Semi Jumbo Water Dispensers(Hot & Cold)

Square Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold)

Trendy Water Dispensers (Hot & Cold)

Stainless Steel Water Coolers

FSS – 20/20 Bubble Top Water Coolers
Other SS Water Coolers in models
FSS – 20/20
FSS – 20/40, 40/40
FSS – 40/80, 80/80
FSS – 150/150
FSS – 200/200
Note: FSS stands for Full Stainless Steel

Cafe-24 Vending Machines

1 Option (Hot) Vending Machine
2 Option (Cold) Vending Machine
2 Option (Hot) Vending Machine
3 Option (Hot) Vending Machine
4 Option (Hot & Cold) Vending Machine
4 Option (Hot) Vending Machine