Our basic grade Bubble Top and Stainless Steel Water Coolers, which are available in a single tap, double tap, and three tap design variants, are an ideal alternative for providing pure cold drinking water fast. These operate on a single-phase AC power source and R-134a grade refrigerant. These SS coolers are available in a variety of water storage and cooling capacity configurations and feature a food-grade stainless steel inner tank. Energy-efficient water cooling technique, low noise level, long functional life, floor standing design, utilization of less floor area, simple installation process, minimal maintenance charge, and in-built thermostat controlling mechanism for user safety are some of the unique features of these Stainless Steel Water Coolers.

Features and Uses of Stainless Steel Water Coolers:

We are a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of ready-to-use stainless steel water coolers, offering the greatest drinking solutions to corporations, small and large workplaces, and other establishments. The minimum order quantity is seven stainless steel water coolers.
These use CFC-free refrigerant and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
Their thermostat control function is intended to prevent dry heating conditions.
These coolers have a corrosion-resistant structure and are simple to maintain.
Models differ in terms of storage capacity and cooling capacity.

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