Why You Should Choose Tea Coffee Vending Machine?

Tea Coffee Vending Machine Prices in India

Tea and coffee are very common beverages millions of people consume globally. It is interesting how, even though they use very similar methods of preparation and are equally liked, they are quite different from each other.

Both beverages have been developed in different parts of the globe and used to be culture-specific. Most Asian countries preferred tea, whereas coffee has always been more of a western thing. Regardless of the difference, nowadays, it’s important to have both in every office, workplace, cafe, and restaurant all over the world.

If we talk about India, tea, and coffee are essential to everyone- from office-going employees to college students, it is simply the way of life here. This is where the need for a good Tea and Coffee Vending Machine comes into play.

Tea Coffee Vending Machine uses

What Makes Tea Coffee Vending Machine Unique

Knowing a machine’s features before purchasing one will help you decide whether the cost is worthwhile. One of the best brands available for these machines is café-24. A 20-liter jar serves as the water source for this 25-kilogram tea coffee vending machine. It contains two canisters and can easily support a 2.2 kW load.

A tea and coffee vending machine ideally requires a power supply of 230V. In addition, it just takes 6 to 8 minutes to start up for the first time and comes with a year’s worth of warranty. Another outstanding characteristic is its capacity to create 4-6 cups of liquid every minute.

Also, the body’s construction in stainless steel is evidence of its sturdiness. Its Excellent functionality, Compact design, and Energy Saving technology are just more of a reason to invest in it.

Reasons to Invest in Tea Coffee Vending Machine

If the features of this machine are not enough for someone to order one for themselves immediately, there are more reasons to do so. This machine can serve well over 100 people in just a few minutes, making it quite cost-effective in the long run. One of the other reasons could be its easy and simple design which allows anyone to use it and provides them with a fresh cup of instant coffee or tea.

The tea and coffee vending machine requires a wire to be inserted and the switch to be turned on. It will immediately add milk, sugar, water, and either tea or coffee from its container. Another benefit is the low maintenance associated with these machines. They are easy and safe to reload and clean, making them consistent. These machines have also gained popularity in recent times because of their time-saving ability.

People no longer have to stand in long queues and wait for their favourite beverage to be made. Moreover, it is a clean and hygienic way of making these aromatic beverages without and involvement of humans, just the way people want it, especially after the deadly pandemic.

Tea Coffee Vending Machine Price in Delhi NCR

How to Buy Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Anyone interested in purchasing a tea coffee vending machine for office can do so without difficulty by going to the store or placing an order online through a business website like OM Products.

Even shipping alternatives are available to deliver it immediately to your selected area in just 15 days. Also, the product is carefully packaged for delivery and wrapped in thermocol and wood to ensure that it reaches its destination safely.

Regarding cost, there are several inexpensive pricing points for these machines to fit every budget. Tea and coffee vending machine prices typically start around 10,500 Rupees per piece before goods and services tax. Depending on the region, shipping costs may increase this value.

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