Our water dispensers are designed to provide germ-free hot and cold water instantly. Water dispenser manufacturers offer water dispensers at very high prices, but we manufacturer and supply water dispensers at affordable prices. It is one of the best water dispenser manufacturers in India. The exterior of this electric water dispenser is made of stainless steel (SS) which ensures the long life of the product. This water dispenser features a carefully designed heating element, an energy efficient compressor, and separate hot and cold water tanks with the ability to change temperatures. These hot and cold water dispensers are protected from overcurrent by the automatic thermostat technology they use. To avoid electric shock, this dispenser is designed and manufactured with cold rolled side panels.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Features and Applications:

1. We accept orders for these automatic and semi-automatic water dispensers from domestic and foreign customers. They can be used to fetch hot and cold water from separate outlets. With a minimum order quantity of 7 pieces, we can meet the high demand.

2. We are water dispenser manufacturers of hot and cold water dispensers and cabinets are made of ABS or stainless steel and have integrated hot and cold water tanks with automatic adjustment functions.

3. Various water supply options are available.

4. No additional installation or piping is required due to the smooth operation of the maintenance-free floor design.

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